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ExfInsights empowers financial services organizations to get the most out of their data. Platform targeted at the Asset Management industry that enables the synthesis of data within and across systems in a low-code, automated, and secure manner.

ExfInsights powered by ExfDigital is a cloud-native, security-aware, microservices enabled platform leveraging open-source and data science to change the way clients onboard and integrate their applications while enhancing data quality and automating governance.

It empowers your Business Analysts and Data Scientists, increasing their productivity by simplifying and automating data transfers, investigations, transformations, and curation, enabling 40 to 60% operational efficiency.


ExfInsights is a domain-centric platform built to simplify and automate transformations, improve the accuracy and agility of data and provide actionable insights to empower your Business Analysts and Data Scientists

ExfInsights leverages components built by ExfDigital and helps clients visualize what’s possible with extensive, pre-built, modular solutions.


Profiles, tags, and updates metadata for quality control at source and Fuzzy logic ML scoring for source to target alignment, with data ownership, visual graph lineage, and issue spotting to fix data errors in an automated workflow designed for analysts’ use in real-time, self-service environments.

These solutions are readily adaptable to client requirements and reduce the risk and time required to provide secure, production-ready applications.

Source data loading: Analyze and integrate raw structured and unstructured data.

Metadata Matching: Match data using AI/NLP, scoring results, and providing a side-by-side comparison.

Source alignment: Use ML to check underlying data and score results for analysts

Codeless transformation: Empower data SMEs to build the logic with a multiple-sources-to-target approach and transform rules Includes versioned gold copies

Deployment: Deploy for scheduled or event-driven repeatability. Generates code blocks that are usable in your estate or REST API

Dashboard: As an example, Look-through views for Derivatives, PE/RE/Alternatives and Funds are supported out of the box as well as Client and Products. Custom-built dashboards can also be generated