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Exafluence’s ExfInsights, in partnership with DisruptivData's Snowflake Native App Investment Data Model, has been selected by FIS to power their new Investment Data Platform

Next Generation Cloud MDM

With Exafluence's ExfInsights platform FIS gets a greenfield Master Data and integrated data model that works with both legacy systems requiring ETL and the new standard of Snowflake's Data Cloud share capability. This capability enables Investment Managers, Owners, and Consultants to operate with one version of the truth, supporting the front, middle, and back offices.

Automated Data Pipelines

ExfInsights leverages NLP-based metadata alignment and codeless transform to enable data operations and business analysts to create automated data pipelines with full lineage and extensive exception trapping, including gold copy and data quality. As a result, organizations can migrate to the cloud quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, with less risk

Rich Capabilities for the Lowest TCO

Exafluence combines industry experts with the latest Python and Java developers to deliver a robust platform for data consumption and analytics for the lowest total cost of ownership. The platform offers rich capabilities, including harmonizing chart of accounts, supporting account, security, product, and strategy masters. The system can also ingest semi-structured Private Equity manager statements, making it a versatile and valuable tool for Investment Managers.

Multi-Asset Reporting and Look-Throughs

ExfInsights easy-to-navigate Snowflake STAR schema offers seamless integration with Power BI and Tableau, enabling true multi-asset reporting and look-throughs for Funds, FX Overlay, Derivatives, Products, Strategies, Trade, Settled, and Tax views. Moreover, the platform offers point-in-time views, real-time processing, and multi-sourced data with Snowflake time travel that Investment Managers can deploy on any cloud with resiliency and scalability.

Exceptions, KPIs, and Orchestration

ExfInsights provides extensive exception trapping, KPIs, and documented on-demand and event-driven orchestration with deep logging, giving organizations full control over their data. The micro-service architecture integrates with enterprise data governance and other platforms, such as DBT, Ataccama, Alation, and Collibra. Data Analysts can easily ingest all data available via the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Open-Source System Integrator

Exafluence is an Open-Source system integrator specializing in MongoDB and Snowflake modernization efforts, while integrating legacy and cloud vendor capabilities. The company's unique mix of industry SMEs and technology teams located globally can help organizations modernize their data platform cost-effectively.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

Exafluence is a proud partner of Confluent, AWS, Azure, GCP, MongoDB, Snowflake, FactSet, Exchange Data International, and ActiveViam's Atoti+. These partnering with industry leaders, allow us to provide our clients with the latest and most innovative technology solutions.

To learn more about our Snowflake Native App Investment Data Model available on the Snowflake Marketplace visit us at https://disruptivdata.com

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