Metadata Driven Approach

Metadata driven approach for system integration with improved data quality and gold copy creation

In-built ML and AI models

Providing Natural Language and Machine Learning rules based Metadata analysis to reduce the time and cost of integration by 40-60%.

Multi-Cloud CI/CD Pipeline

For Firms new to the cloud, ExfInsights offers a legacy and multi-cloud CI/CD pipeline with controls and ability to automate applications, database and network deployments locally or on AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle or Private clouds


Integration with market data providers offering Restful APIs like Xignite, Bloomberg, Refinitiv and ICE


As an example, Look-through views for Derivatives, PE/RE/Alternatives and Funds are supported out of the box as well as Client and Products. Custom-built dashboards can also be generated

FSI and Buy-Side solutions

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your legacy applications interoperable with the latest resources with real-time agility for true cloud-native, micro-services driven environments and achieve 40 to 60% operational efficiency?

    You can with MongoDB’s Document Model and JSON native format coupled with Exf Insights, a low-code, UI driven platform built on Mongo by Exafluence! a strategic, global MongoDB partner.
    We offer an out of the box open-source solution to managing Investment Data Pipelines using the same tools Data Scientists use.
    It ingests, profiles and masters raw data from multiple sources (including PDFs and excel parsing) and creates multi-domain gold copies with lineage. It provides AI/ML-driven Metadata alignment and codeless transformations across sources for a harmonized result, integrated via REST/Graph QL API or code block (Python/JSON) with your data governance and reporting tools.
    Exafluence accelerates your Modernization Projects and brings deep MongoDB expertise learned from building FSI and Buy-Side solutions for use cases such as Trade status modernization; Cataloging Market data consumption; Accounting systems harmonization, Price threshold breach correlation with Corporate Actions: Stock split or Dividend etc.
MarkLogic and MarkLogic Data Hub Retirement Option - Pipeline Generation

MongoDB and Exafluence, a MongoDB global strategic partner can now provide the means to replace Mark Logic and the Mark Logic Data Hub with the world’s most used document database.

By using the same tools Data Scientists use and applying them to solving DataOps everyday problems MongoDB is able to provide a proven solution.

Key Benefits are:

    Lower Costs
    Viable Vendor
    Ability to access a wide pool of developers
    Deployment on Private and Any Public Cloud with MongoDB Atlas
    Support for Data Manipulation that is Multi-Domain and Multi-Model and follows a Multi-Source to Target approach inclusive of Mastering and Gold Copy Creation
    Smart Matching of data using NLP and ML following a meta data driven approach
    Data Governance Automation and Interoperability via REST API or Python/JSON Code Blocks
    Data Harmonization (Matching/UnMatching) leveraging a low-code/codeless rules capability
    Resiliency and Scalability via Docker Container and Kubernetes support

EXF Insights/Financials accelerates your journey to offering cloud ready solutions for the buy-side investment management industry via provision of a comprehensive tool set.

    Automates and leverage Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and AI to integrate data     sources and assess data quality with data visualization and governance
    Includes a proven, extensible and bi-temporal, Investment Data Warehouse with BI integration
    Management Tools for Risk Control and continuous audit over deployment to hybrid cloud
    JSON and Python extensions with Rest APIs for Data Analytics

Want to know more?

ExfInsights - White Paper

Use Case

Buy-Side Investment Data Warehouse

Exf Insights/Financials offers a ready-to-use, proven, Data Warehouse that works with our other accelerators.  Key Benefits:

    Clients gain immediate access to a bi-temporal Investment Data Warehouse built for the cloud offering elasticity, resiliency and redundancy
    Ability to clone data sources at specific points in times at no cost for Unit/Regression tests
    Auto-scaling based on processing demands and SLA requirements
    Provides one version of the truth for the firm with Excel Add-In and BI analysis (i.e., PowerBI, Tableau, etc.)
    Optional Performance Analytics and Risk model extensions available.

Buy Side Meta Data Dictionary and Integration Accelerator

Client / System on-boarding integration process is inefficient and delays Financial Services Providers and Buy Side Firms from achieving the benefits of a new platform. It also drives up cost and increases the risk of introducing new applications. We at Exafluence, set out to automate the Business Analyst work involved in integrating and aligning meta data from multiple data sources. This is typically a mundane manual exercise usually done in Excel, yet a terribly important work-step in any project.

EXF Insights/Financial, our Business Analyst’s tool set, uses the latest predictive analytics technology stack of Big Data, data blending, non-structured databases, ML, NLP and AI ensembles. The solution incorporates Alteryx and MongoDB to help financial services firms rapidly on-board new clients and while reducing the cost 40-60% by applying new methods to perform required system integration and/or software upgrades. Our methodology also provides a full Visual Data Dictionary of as-built integrations for initial data governance. It also offers audit capabilities that allow clients to compare prior and current versions for data discovery and software upgrade purposes.

Our Team

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Download ExfInsights factsheet to learn more about how you can achieve optimal data quality and agility, yielding cost and time saving up to 70%.


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